Who are you?

Who are you?

“You are not a name or a height, or a weight or a gender you are not an age and you are not where you are from where you are going and i’d like to go there too.” There comes a time in life when we have achieved lots of things but we don’t really know who we are?
 This is how it started, Once a princess was worried and lost in the lake of fears and confusion. The princess had a toad, she asked the toad what should I be doing to get out of here.
Toad asked the princess, who are you?
Princess irked with the question said, I am a princess, what kind of stupid question is that. Toad replied, ‘ My highness, I mean if you cannot label yourself then who are you?
Princess was jolted with the question and then thought a while and replied, ‘ May be I am a soul or  A human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience.toad replied,  a soul indeed, then you mean you are Love, light, air, peace, devil, lord, life?
Princess in anger now and said, if  you are so smart why don’t you tell me who are you?
Toad said delicately, I know it is stinging and making you wonder the more you think, the more you imagine. But the truth is we all are pursuing certain goals, working towards something without knowing who we are. There is a way to simplify it and that is, we have the eyes of love, a heart full of love, which beats for love and all it knows is love. When we have a goal, in a way its love, because that makes us do everything and anything to achieve it and accomplishment of that goal, is a reward for the love of goal.
The toad continued,We are love but then why there is struggle, unhappiness and negativity. These all exists because love has the purity to refine and redefine the soul. Accordingly, we are love because we come from love and out of love and return to love.
Princess listening and countered the toad, If we cannot label ourselves, then are we peace, because we come from dust and return to dust. But if we were peace then there couldn’t be turmoil’s within and without.
Toad replied with divine light in his eye, Surely we are divine. In a family we scold, fight, judge, criticize, give attitudes to each other but in the end stand firm with one another in times of needs and turmoil’s. We forget our own problems and issues why because we realize who we are, loving and helping one another. Healing emotions and giving support. We are divine source of light, here to shine, fulfill our life purposes, and with our shine healing the negative. And this universe is a big family, we all are connected at one level, either we hurt or love, we choose! We take many births, we go through different ages just to experience light but we are light ourselves and unknowingly we are natural healers.

Love unconditional

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