How to get rid of drama?


I experienced two heavy months of misconception and problem with everyone around me. These months taught me an important thing, that this very world is just an illusion and the only real world we have is the one inside us. As what we are is reflected to us. If we have drama inside us then so is reflected to us in zillion of ways. Its up to us how to cut off the drama from our lives.

There is a famous saying, “when you squeeze an orange what comes out is orange juice.”So when life squeezes you what comes out is what’s within. So if you are experiencing more drama in your life and relationships then that is existing in you and you have to fix yourself not the outside world.

How do you fix drama in your life?

1. Analyze the drama creating people: See how many people in your immediate circle are always complaining and having problems.

2. Analyse your drama creating characteristics: Now you know drama creating people in your life, so its time to analyze your issues that are attracting such people. As we always attract what we are. So, if there is so much drama going on in your life then there must be some unhealed emotions inside you causing this. Unhealed emotions could be: your family has always been about drama, you have always been an attention seeker, you have always felt non-existent and many more.

3. Find an alignment: The more aligned you are with what you want the less drama you have in your life. You need to know what you want and remove the unwanted weeds. Now, as you know your issues work on them. Try sorting yourself more, hear yourself out, write down your thought or seek a professional. Clean your energy as much as you can.

4. Reality Check: You would know that whatever you are doing is working when the drama people will start leaving your life, you will feel more content with yourself and less neediness. Such people will automatically exit your life or you will hardly encounter such people.

5. Congratualtions! You have come into alignment with yourself as you worked on:

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