Morning Awakeness!


Today, I have got up with a ball of energy. I feel so full of enthusiasm and vigour as if this universe is my paradise. I guess its the effect of the most powerful of the season. I feel so cleansed, pure and clear. Yesterday, I did small ritual that was writting down all the things that serves me no long and are creating a stuck energy. I wrote every bit of my emotions, felt them completely and as I burnt the paper I felt them leaving my body.

I got up as a new person with a rejuvenated energy and life. I feel amazing and I feel I have started a new chapter of my life with this day and I don’t know why I was stopping myself from living this. I feel I have to do so much of new things and wined up all the old.

I believe we get so stuck living the old that we forget we have chance in every situation to choose and make it our day. Rather, than mourning over the old, I think its time to celebrate the new and get the sunshine.

Stop singing the old song 10,000 times a day, its time to write a new song, new lyrics all from your heart. Write your own song today,

For now, just write down all that doesn’t serve you. Let it go. You didn’t come in this life to cry and settle for anything less. You came in this life to live, enjoy and celebrate as everyday being your day. Take yourself out today and just immerse in the gratitude of the day.

Its your life, so let the gear of your car be in your control not in anyone else’s control. Just take yourself out and breathe in the power of freedom, rejuvenation and completeness within.10685413_10152364144863937_3139942494542801995_n

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