“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

We all are living a life, some are aware and some are just passing through, How many of us has ever questioned ourselves what do we want? Most of us have been just passing through by getting the best grades, serving the families, earning well and so on and so forth. But despite all this do you feel there is a piece missing and does that haunt you as you are unaware about it?Yes, there is a missing piece which can only be met by introspection. Do you even know who are you? Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why are you here? What do you desire out of this life?

I’m sure this questions would have passed through your minds but you must have been so busy doing your chores that you didn’t pay heed to it. But what if I tell you that the missing feeling which you have been feeling for years despite having it all and doing it all is introspection and digging a bit deeper will complete your puzzle.


Maybe the day you will sit with yourself and pay attention to your ideas and love for yourself, you might be able to figure out what do you want and what are you here for? Maybe that won’t happen overnight but it is a step-by-step process. Follow your first curiosity and then let it lead to another.

Imagine a day you sat down with yourself by mustering all the courage and try understanding yourself and your life and then you ask yourself how do I want my life to be five years down the line? what happens next is that you feel struck as you don’t see your life going anywhere near to what you want as you never thought you were important in your life. It has always been your parents or boyfriend or someone else for whom and according to whom you have been living. But just for heaven’s sake imagine a day where you had no chains, no responsibilities, no liabilities, then what would you have done? You have your answer, you aren’t a puppet of fear here. Live your life to the fullest possible.

I have lived someone’s life for years, when lately I realized it wasn’t serving me and I was the one missing in my life rest I had a happy family picture. So, I took the responsibility to make myself feel important and broke all the chains of control and fear and started a life I had always wanted. It isn’t easy but its totally worth it. Everyday I work harder than yesterday but the good thing is I exist in my life, I am not pleasing anyone anymore and I am doing everything for myself and this is called self-care not selfishness. If you won’t stand up for yourself then no one ever know what life you wanted. Let the world know your story and not someone else’s story.It’s your life and introspect what do you want and how do you want things to shape up and put your efforts accordingly, be your own person and its time to start living your own life.

Let me know your story! If you don’t have yet, then maybe its time to create one!

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