Escapism to Reality


We have all loved to run away from our emotions and never facing them. We have been wired by the society to always feel good, crying is bad, we cannot be weak, we cannot fail, we cannot be fearful. The cannot’s are so many that we are left with no can’s. All we have learnt from our childhood is to cover the poop with an ice-cream, even when things aren’t working out we are supposed to say everything is good.

Why can’t we be real and honest with our emotions?

If we will handle our emotions intelligently and honestly we will never have depression, suppression or regression. Why can’t we honestly cry and say I have failed, feel that emotion of fear and failure till the time the emotion naturally leaves our body. If we just start dealing with situations the way it is neither worse nor better, just the way it is our life will be far more relaxed, happy and free.

In this journey of escapism I was no different, I have practiced half my life to always feel good and never embracing the negative emotion which is also part of me. I have always been the one who will not have confrontations, clear conversations or expressing the true feeling as I was wired by the society that being vulnerable is bad and I need to have guards on always to protect myself.

While, escaping for years one fine day I sat down and I realized what am I doing?

If I can’t deal with my emotion I pretend to be happy, If I can’t deal with relationship I leave that person rather than resolving conflicts and dealing with it maturedly; If I can’t deal with the society and people, I change the country but never understanding that no matter where you go, you take your chaos with you and those emotions are just suppressed never healed and in time I always faced boomerang of emotions.

That day I packed my bags and moved back to my own country after spending one year in another country. I realized its time to settle myself emotionally and mentally otherwise its an endless loop of running and I can be an escapist for life or I can just accept all my emotions maturedly, handle relationships in a new way and accept who I am and the way I am without judgements and criticism for self and for others.

That day with my book Love has its various ways I changed my life, not only did I become and author but also a grounded person who wanted to fly but not to flee. Life is beautiful in all emotions and we are complete with both and the more we accept the emotions naturally the easier it becomes.

Its not escapism that serves but embracing of reality of who you are and what you are serves you.


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  1. I wanted to fly but not flee. Very well written. Liked your style. Keep writing.


    1. Divyakapoor says:

      Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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