“NEW”year and a new “ME”

20170101_172103.jpgEvery new year we take a resolution which we hardly fulfill by the end of the year. Year by year our resolution has reached a score of zillion. But how about this year we just resolve our issues, the darkness within which we could never accept, the fears which we have always ran from. How about making this new year yourself brand new?

I woke up early this new year morning and the first thing I did was praying, I prayed “Dear universe  I allow myself to be vulnerable this year and trust in the process of life.” Over the years I have realised I have always controlled myself around people and things. The only place I let go of control and express fully is when I am delivering a talk or when I am writing. I took an oathe to be in the back seat this year and relaxing in the arms of universe just trusting the process.

Every year we make stupid resolutions such as reducing weight, not lying, leaving the job, taking a trip, so on and so forth. But if we actually commit to out true growth we don’t need to make bogus committments which we always know we will never fulfill. If you wanna commit to someone this year then commit to yourself. Invest in your personal growth as in the end all you have is yourself no one else and no other luxury.

How about giving yourself a gift of immense growth by daily giving yourself an hour to know how you are feeling and what ignites passion in you and follow that calling.

For making a brand new year:

  1. Sit comfortably in your place: sit comfortaly crossed legs, gently placing your arms on your knees and reciting “I invite the new and I let go of the old “, inhale when you say I invite the new and exhale when you I let go of the old.” Do this for 5 minutes, let your mind and body relax.
  2.  Visualise: Visualise what do you want in life or this year, it could be a healthy relationship, a new house or anything which you desire. Feel how it is to have it. Then chant Kundalini yoga mantra, “ek ong kar sadguru prasad, sadguru prasad ek ong kar.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mLwTSbc97w&t=743s  you can play this link but this mantra comes with a warning that whatever you desire manifests easily so keep your thoughts positive.
  3. Create a journal: Buy a diary, everyday write something you are thankful for and make it a habit as we always complain but hardly appreciate. So lets cultivate the art of appreciation.
  4. Write down your goals: Write down each and everything you want place it on a wall in front of you so that you view it daily and create something which pulls you as anything which pulls you makes you work harder and automatically with a new energy.
  5.  Whenever you struggle: Everytime you feel lost or struggling just pray, “I trust you universe and I know you have got this for me”. Let the worries be taken by the universe and remember as a child of universe you only co-create anything you want, so you always have a choice.




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