How to get out of the shit?

15194524_10154264033313937_6736381946640082593_oWe have all been through shit, some have tolerated much, other have tolerated less. But the thing is the shit exist and nobody ever talks about it. All people talk about is how great  things are or how problematic something or how dramatic something but never highlighting the shit.

You had a fight in a relationship, you will talk about the whole drama and repeat the whole story 10 times in your friend circle but you will miss the point of the shit and getting out of it.

Some people love being the pig and playing in the shit as it feels good but if you aren’t a pig then we are talking here.

Recently, I have a had a setback in a lot of areas in my life mostly all relationships not one. So, this time rather than talking about the whole drama to 10 people I tried seeing through the scenario and asking myself the following questions:

  1. Is this shit created by me?                                                                                                                   If Yes, why the hell did I attract it ? If no, why am I part of it, so in both ways we attracted it and we are part of it and we are shit too right now.
  2. What are we here for?                                                                                                                        Can I get over this or do I have to make my whole life a shit by sitting here. Yes, the answer is I really need to get out of it by knowing my patterns so that I don’t attract this again,
  3. How do I get out of it?                                                                                                                   Is it easy to hold on or easier to let go, initially you would feel holding on is easier but eventually when you will let go of it you will feel the burden leaving you. The truth is letting go is always relieving might not be that easy but always serves.
  4. I am ready to let go of it but how do I make sure I don’t get in the same circle again as I have always been in such circles. How?                                                                              You sit down and observe your patterns of attracting such circumstances and with amazing techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) you try to tap into your conscious and reach the point where the pattern was created in your life time and boom you got it, sit with this situation, tap on it, release it, and feel it leaving your body.   * Read about EFT in the end*                                                                                           So, what I did when I saw the same pattern repeating, I stepped out of the circle of drama and tried seeing the whole drama while I detached to the situation and I tried reaching the memory where I picked up such a belief or pattern, tapped on it with EFT, sat through every memory which came up and released it completely. It took  days as I was breaking a major pattern.                                                                                              *  A chapter from the book, “Love has its various ways”                                                                        How to overcome shit?
    Since you have aligned yourself, you will have certain fears coming up to oppose what you feel as fear is just a false evidence. Rather than getting bogged down by the fear just be willing to recognize it. Let all triggers be there and just acknowledge them. How do you clear patterns of your fears?
    Step 1: When fears trigger just acknowledge them. The fears could trigger you in anger, sadness or pain in your body. Now, your work is to acknowledge it and find the root cause of the fear.
    Step 2: During my meditation I discovered that the best way to overcome fear is to find the root cause of it, from the memory it started. So, if I have a fear of feeling unworthy I try to track down the memory from where it started. It can be when I was 2 years old and my parents fought and made each other feel unworthy and as a child I picked that belief up and carried all my life. This is one way, the other way to clear patterns is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which I recently learnt and has changed my life dramatically.eft_tapping_chart_english
    What is EFT?
    EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative
    medicine including  acupuncture,  neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and  Thought Field Therapy (TFT). It is best known through Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s, and related books and workshops by a variety of teachers. EFT and similar techniques are often discussed under the umbrella term “energy psychology”.”*
    I will attach a chart here so that it can be illustrated properly.
    As you see above, it starts from the karate chop. You tap on the karate chop, moving to the head, then eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, above the lips, chin, and collar bone, under the arm-pit, thumb, index finger, middle finger,
    and finally lady finger. You keep tapping all this points while working on a trigger, which can be causing anger, frustration or great sadness inside you.
    Step 1: You have recurring migraines and you want to know why you have.
    Step 2: The key is to get to know the feeling first, how do you feel like when you have a migraine, ask yourself, it could be enclosed, dark room, trapped, scared and claustrophobic.
    Step 3: You start tapping on the same points in the same order and you keep asking yourself, once you have reached the core feeling, then you address it by asking when you felt for the first time in your life claustrophobic or trapped or struck, meanwhile you keep tapping.
    Step 4: Generally, a memory pops up and you can gently place that on a white wall and cover it with curtains, whatever age you were in that memory, you gently ask you in that age to work with you mentally and physically to if you can visualize.
    Step 5: Then you make an affirmation and check while doing this process is there any pain in any part of your body, if yes give it a number and a color. This number helps you gauge your issue decreasing with every round and even the lightening of the color. If there isn’t any pain or you cannot see any clear, it’s perfectly normally just start working with the
    trigger. You begin with always, “even though…and finish it with but I still love and accept myself.” For instance, “even though I feel depressed, frustrated, lost, non-existent, not needed, I deeply and completely Love and accept myself.”

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