Were you on a break?



Infidelity, the term means the action or state of being unfaithful to your spouse or partner. It is just a term till the time you experience it and then its a truth you have lived. As it has been lightly illustrated by the Ross and Rachel “they were on a break or not”. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was a sitcom and it was a great episode but in sitcom also Rachel didn’t stand infidelity. She left him and she knew he cheated.

As someone close to me experienced it lately in an intense relationship with her boyfriend she was shaken by the fact that how easy it was for him to cheat or betray her. She left  the situation as adviced but as I was moved by the situation immensely I read thousands of articles and watched video about it to understand what to do when it happens and why does it happens? Why the F*ck it is so widely accepted and done in our soceity?

In search of the reason I could track down that in early times our kings had several queens and those queens were fed about infidelity in a good way during their princess years that your man will have to marry many to expand the kingdom and all bull shit and they bought it and that went on for ages. Whereas behind the curtains the queens has their own affairs, so what kind of a bond was that where they were all having multiple partners to fulfill their needs?

But exception to that we had lord Rama who got married to one woman and had a huge empire still. So, with this I understood  our generations has been only conditioned for to allow infidelity and happily accept it.

As the time progressed as woman we were told to accept infidelty to save a home or marriage but the question is what is more important having an unfaithful partner or being true to yourself?

Many videos guide to give your relationship or marriage another chance but the question is are you giving another chance to betrayal or the person is really worthy of the chance ?

After probing so much I questioned why do men or women cheat in relationship?

  1. Is there something missing in the relationship?
  2. Is there  something missing in your partner?
  3. Is there something missing in you?

Or Above all the person who cheated you or betrayed you never had a stable relationship with his parents and always fulfilled his needs in 10 different places and if this is the case then this person is conditioned to be with many till the time something shifts inside wants to change himself because his behaviour isn’t serving his needs. What puzzle are we solving here and which piece is fitting our puzzle?

If your case is the last one I would request you not to waste time in fixing the relationship the best you can do in toxic situations is to leave the situation. You can give your relationship another chance only when two people are really into healing their relationship with themselves and you healthily and if they aren’t; you better walk away. As we don’t have 8 seasons to go like Ross and Rachel to come back in time unless you want that much drama in your life. Not all of us our supposed to come back to the same person and as every situation is different you become your own best judge.So when you face such an incident its your prerogative to walk away or give it another chance. Also, give yourself time to heal from this situation in a healthy pattern so you stop attracting such experiences in your life as we are the co-creator of our destiny.


* FRIENDS Fans this article isn’t agains the show I loved it too but about awakening you what you are and who you are?


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  1. You put it right- it’s the way we have been conditioned and raised with the ‘chalta hai’ attitude and the ‘log kya kahenge’ attitude that doesn’t let this subside.


    1. Divyakapoor says:

      That’s what the issue is and its time to figure out what goes well with you and your truth and untrain your brain.


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