Were you on a break- Part 2

I have met even more people who have been cheated or ditched by their loved ones. I am  a life-coach, translator and a therapist.  I feel strongly for people when they have been wronged by the people they trusted the most. I believe I couldn’t write enough in one post about it so I am going to cover some more aspects about this in this blog.

Were you on a break?

main-qimg-3faebaa8229b124e6f6dbe7f76e0bc84Cheating? so normal- got cheated- leave the person and dust it off… Is it that easy?

No, it isn’t! It takes courage to put end to that relationship and talking to that person whom you one considered was your home. But you have a choice here to were a cloak of a survivor or a victim? Choice is yours! After all there is a famous quote ” You cheat me once shame on you, you cheat me twice shame on me.” But I still have men and women who are willing to give second chances some even third. But then I have a question for you what are you giving chance to?


Love isn’t suppose to hurt you or cripple you. It’s the most beautiful emotion ever felt and experienced by any human being. Love is supposed to make you stronger. then why do you keep walking the road of unrequited love, it is neither attractive nor pleasing then why?

When you give chances to people who cheat you, you also whisper its okay to cheat and you let them treat you as a doormat.

Is it a question that you doubt that you wouldn’t find another person to love you?

Then my friend you will find the person to love you when you will value yourself fully, but there is no question of another because if this person did love you, you wouldn’t be standing where you do?

How long are you going to fight a battle which isn’t even yours?

When you are always fighting someone else’s demons then you are so drained you never have enough energy for your life and goal. Afterall its always ABOUT THEM!

The logic says the person did wrong to you, remove him/her from your life and get your life in your hand.

Heart says but I have so many emotions attached, we were so happy, I loved him so much, he/she is a nice person, it’s not that easy… Maybe that won’t happen again…


Can you hear yourself?

YOUR whole life has become a MAYBE because of one person. I am sure you have a lot more in life to be sure of and live for. Focus on the good, things which grow and makes you happy rather than drowning yourself by working on something which pulls you down always.

A little compassionate answer to your constant conflict: “Yes that person meant everything, yes you loved, yes that person was your home, yes it isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible and for what do you want to sit on the fences ?(the maybe zone). It is always easier to let go than to hold on, its time to breather again and you deserve to be happy not driving yourself insane because of someone else.

I am seriously having numerous people going through this I would say just refocus and appreciate the good you have and let go what doesn’t serve you. Trust me I have been there it is not worth it, you will just be left depleted in the end. It’s time you know your worth, stand your ground and allow what you want also know who you are!



I know it isn’t easy but the warrior in you can do this and live a better and healthier life.

Kudos to the warrior in you!

I would be happy to answer questions, feel free to comment or mail me at divyakapo@gmail.com




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