Start from nowhere

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”- A course in miracles


Its been a while I have written my heart out. So I thought today would be a nice day to write about forgiving oneself, letting go of guilt and starting all over. Since January it has been a tough year for me. I have witnessed myself heartbreak, my closest people have been cheated and lots of ups and downs. But what has kept me going is the will to live and a belief that it’s just a phase and soon will be over.

But trust me the phase lasted 10 months and I would say all of us need our own time to get over the trauma and set backs we go through in our lives. You all have your own timeline to get over the rough patch some would be like me taking a year’s time, some more and some less. It’s your own journey so only you have the say in it about its length and healing.

People who are currently going through rough patches in life I must tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel, don’t worry just have faith in yourself and keep going. This place is liberating, refreshing and beautiful. You will feel yourself again, happy and free. So your efforts are totally worth it and I feel your pain.

I have learnt a lot of things in quarter life I have lived but the most important thing I have learnt is love is what heals you not what breaks you all that is breaking is opposite of love, which could be anger, resentment, despair, betrayal, guilt and regrets. It is said where the love resides all of the above things have no place. So not matter what you have been through please never forget to love yourself as it is the essence of your own being. You were supposed to love, be loved, and radiate it.

I write all the emotions I feel in the raw form because what’s the point of sugar-coating the shit let’s just call spade a spade, it makes us connect. In my therapy sessions people have tried committing suicide, breaking relationships because they felt unworthy, had anxiety disorders, the deep down issue is that all of these things are a call for love.


To all my readers please when you come across such gestures just try to see all this from a place of love rather than judgement and you will see all of the negatives melting in front of you. We are all humans and all we need is love, acceptance and understanding. You decide today you either live in a hostile universe or a friendly universe, once you have made the decision you will choose the place to live from. It’s that simple, its simple but not easy. Just be your truest self ❤


I hope this helps! You can write to me and I will reply quickly.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Y s wani says:

    Inspirational… 😊😊😊


  2. Suparna Dey says:

    I am not a persons who loves reading books but it was a nice experience reading this book. I was kind of depressed and my mind was blocked with certain bad experiences but this book was a mircle it truly helped me to calm myself and get back in form.


    1. Divyakapoor says:

      Thank you Suparna for an encouraging comment for my book 🙂
      Happy to help always:)


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