Change is the ONLY constant

Change is constant is a paradox, something which is changing how can that be constant?

IMG_2335But if we try to understand that there is nothing as constant, in our lives everything is ever-changing, we as persons or our environment, everything grows, dies, or withers off or transforms.

Change being the only thing constant we have in our lives when we progress from threshold to adulthood there is a tremendous change in our lives or for some moving to a new city or for some new job anything “NEW” signifies change.

I understood that being rigid doesn’t serve the purpose or being scared from the new. If we try to understand that change is scary, it gives us shivers and jitters but we can harmonise it by accepting it. Then, it will become easier. You all have been in a place where you have cried your eyes out because things weren’t going your way and you were hating the change. But we all fail to understand that what makes our lives easier is making change our friend.

Let’s take it this way our friend “change” will keep coming whether we invite it or not also its going to rock our boat whether we like it or not so why not just smile when it comes and tell our friend “this too shall pass”, accepting makes it easier after all.

Change is scary in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. What the world thought was end of caterpillar was beginning of a butterfly, imagine what change gave to us was a butterfly. Change is indeed beautiful, the scary part is the process, we just got to hang in there and my friend will transform us into something magnificent.

I take my own example I was a rigid kid, I always followed my dad and he has huge resistance to change, just like the dad from Croods movie, anything new is banished. I never tried new food, any new fashion, I had a belief system of my parents. Soon I realised I wasn’t myself, I didn’t know who I am? what is out there in the world? what am I capable of? what do I like and dislike? what’s right and wrong in my opinion?  That’s where I decided to explore everything NEW, be it a cuisine, fashion, language, anything, I wanted to experience it myself and have my own opinion about it. I believe that’s when I started living. Yes, I knew I am going to make mistakes, I will be wrong at times but they are going to be my own mistakes, when I will look back I will have no regrets or blames and I will feel satiated that I lived my life the way I wanted.

I went to Colombia alone, travelled to Spain, lived a new culture, backpacked Italy, made friends of different nationalities, tried all cuisines that came my way, wrote a book on my own experiences and everything I wanted to do.

I can say today I am fulfilled and happy because I made CHANGE my FRIEND and I grew in every way be it professionally or spiritually.

Please go on your own journey of exploration and let it transform you. Don’t be scared, it’s an experience worth diving for.


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