When is the right time? What is the secret?

downloadWhen we have hit the dead end, be it in career, relationships or life in general, we ought to start over. But when do we decide to start over? we keep buying ourselves into the bullshit, we will start when it is the right time. We say we got to mourn, wait, be patient, its all going to fine in the time. So who decides the right time?

We say when the time is right things will fall into place. But logically we keep hitting a wall asking when is it going to be the time? When for god sake? Till when are we supposed to be on the fences because believe it or not we keep sitting on the fences. If a divorced man or a woman looks for another partner in a year’s time the society says “Oh that was fast!” Really, who are we to say that was fast or not? 

When we hit the ditch in a career and even after a year we don’t make the right move, “People say you are good for nothing.” But is that the truth maybe that person would have tried a million times before taking the rest to start over. Who are we to judge others?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we keep saying for relationships and career that in the right time it will happen and unsuccessful people in life and relationships keep searching for the secret. The secret for forever relationship is that, “there is no secret”. You just stick along through thick and thin, never giving up. The thing in you, which is called faith, your truth, and love that’s your strength and that becomes your secret because that makes you sail through bumps and life.

When we say I am just waiting for the right time to make the move for my business, just when I will feel ready, I will start and when it’s the time I will know it. But the fact is you make the time happen, you become ready first and the things happen. You bring the right time by showing up, dusting off the past and going again after it.

Life was never promised easy and yes time is greatest healer of all. But when you keep waiting for the time, or for the waves to settle down before a sail, you might never make a sail. You have to just do it one more time, having faith in oneself and not being so scared of what’s going to happen.

You get a choice to make either be at the harbor and rest because you are safe or go in the sea because that’s what ships are meant for. You obviously need time to rest but don’t make it forever.

Shit happens, things go wrong but never let that bog you down so much that you stop taking risks and living a life. You never came here to survive, you came here to live. Take that step which scares you the most, you are already at the bottom it can’t be worse, it can only get better. So never ever anyone tell you that you don’t have it in you or you are not cut out for this world, in fact the fact that you have made it through this far is a proof you are meant for this and you are going to make it big. Moreover, stop looking for surety we are never promised a tomorrow, all we get is today, make it or leave it. You always have a choice no matter where you stand. 


So, I would say NOW is the TIME for you to make that big move, get out of your bed, do that thing which scares you, as I am no different, been through all of it; become ready and make it happen for you.

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  1. Vishal Merani says:

    Really nice that u keep writing such things :)… It gives hope and courage to go for it !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Divyakapoor says:

      Thank you so much 🙂


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